• In 2016, the bitPLAY CGI Network team, trusted by Bank BRI, to create an interactive multimedia vehicle to be installed at the BRI Innovation Center.

    On this occasion Mr. President Joko Widodo, and several Ministers and State Officials, also tried interactive multimedia media, created by the bitPLAY team.

    This media is quite unique, new content can be accessed if a card is placed on the multi-touch table, the card serves as a "physical key" so that the content appears and can be seen and explored.

  • The advertiser, most are still utilize the television media to conduct an advertising campaign.

    One type of advertising on television, in addition to Loose Spot advertising, Television stations also introduced a type of advertising, which appeared in the show program, known as "creative item ads".

    The CGI Monitoring Team developed an application that serves to monitor the performance of ad appearing in the form of "creative item ads".

  • One of the tools that are required by a "Social Media Manager (SMM)" is an application of "Social Media Content Scheduler (SMCS)".

    Sociocaster is one of the SMCS applications, which helps an SMM to install its content at once, for a certain period of time, such as instantly for the next week.

    With Sociocaster, content that has been posted, will appear in the day and time we have planned.

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