CELEMI Cayenne


Warm up a project team and bring out the best in each participant.
Prepare your people to anticipate and navigate the heat of project pitfalls.


“Preparing people for the challenges of project work, having the proper mindset of project management.”

Only 16% project was successful, 31% were completed but over budget and over schedule. The rests were failed. The project management success highly requires the proper mindset of project management, not just merely project management system.


Celemi Cayenne is a valuable preparation for the challenges of project work. Participants will emerge from Cayenne experience with:

  • Better ability to balance the needs of different
  • Stakeholder groups
  • Identification and utilization of key performance measures
  • Heightened ability to read signs and symptoms of potential pitfalls in projects
  • Better awareness and preparedness of the conditions for ongoing projects back on the job


  • Kick–off a new project – to create a common understanding and preparedness among everybody involved and secure a successful outcome
  • Get an existing project back on track by reallocation resources or re-establishing communication
  • Create good conditions for successful joint projects between system suppliers and their clients
  • Build a common vocabulary and understanding between specialist and generalist
  • Complement general project management training courses focused on administrative or operational aspects


  • Board base simulation
  • Minimum of 24 participants/class/facilitator
  • 2 days (16 effective hours)
  • Targeted audience : all project members


It is aimed to develop project management mind-set which is required for project success. It is recommended for all members of the organization who are involved in projects, either directly and indirectly.