• Interactive System
    The current interactive technology has grown considerably to spark the creation of many more imaginative methods of interaction.

    One of these technologies is sensoric technology that can detect touch and gestures, all of which allow us to interact with digital content naturally without relying on the keyboard or mouse.

    Combined with a touch of aesthetic taste, we combine technology and art to create an interactive media system that appeals, entertains, and captures the user's imagination.

  • Visual Projection
    Visual Projection is a form of visual work using projector tools. Projectors today have grown beyond just theatrical business presentation & entertainment tools. Its existence has sparked many creative workers to create new visual techniques and styles such as projection mapping and projection art.

    In bitPLAY we also see the great potential of this projector media. Through research and development, we explore more about the latest techniques and methods for the creation of new solutions from what we call Massive Art Visualization.

  • Game Development
    The world of games - in this case for casual gaming, has become a living part of the generation of the digital age.

    Games today are no longer a monopoly of interest in children, but also have reached the adults. This is reinforced also by the emergence of various gadgets that allow users to play anytime and anywhere.

    At BitPLAY we are developing different types of game chargers for mobile platforms like Android and iPhone, as well as games on desktop platforms (Windows or MacOS).