• TV Event Monitoring System
    Integrated TV Event Analysis and Monitoring System (INTEAMS)Is a broadcast recording system on 16 channels continuously for 24 hour real time record. List of channels are RCTI, MNCTV, GLOBALTV, SCTV, INDOSIAR, TRANS, TRANS7, ANTV, TVONE, METROTV, TVRI, NETTV, RTV, KOMPASTV, INEWS, OCHANNEL and many more.
    An application we developed, which aims to help process TV monitoring data, enables us to know the performance of an ad on TV, either "loose spot" or "creative item" advertisement.
  • Creative Item Monitoring
    We are also monitoring the ads with creative format items. Which is where the creative is placed in the television program.
    Creative items such as Template, Super Impose, Moving Impose, Running Text, Built In, Built In Segment, Plasma, Q Card, Quiz, Virtual Ads, Credit Title, OBB, CBB, Ad lips, Squeeze Frame, Other
  • Media Online Monitoring
    Intelligence Media Management (IMM) is an application that allows the user to monitor based on certain keywords. For the next IMM engine will look for news on the Internet good stretcher from an online news portal, or social media (twitter), the following analysis.