• We help in selecting and managing channel and the right strategy for advertsing and promotions in online digital media. An advertising & promotions activities, such as on :
    Social Media Ads
    Search Engine Ads
    Youtube Ads
    News Portal Ads
    Forum Discussion Ads
    Programmatic Ads
    Influence Marketing
  • In planning, advertising will be divided into several campaign patterns with different approaches to give greater impact.
    Standard Placement
    Influence Marketing
  • Influence Marketing
    Social Media Influencer (SMI) is an active social media account user who has a large following, whose popularity has a strong influence on their followers / fans.
    Working together to become agents of information dissemination of the brand.
    Selected based on profiles that match the target market or profile of the brand itself.
    These SMI's will help spread the information to spread more broadly, into talks on social media.
  • Social Media Influencer Category
    They are popular figures in the community can be from among artists, motivators, or community leaders.
    Is an account that often updates information on certain topics, and has a lot of followers.
    They are ordinary people who generally work as students, students, employees, housewives, who have a lot of followers in social media.
  • Online Guerilla Marketing
    We help to manage the deployment of guerrilla material on communication channels that exist.
    Where the marketing message is is delivered in a way soft selling, using the popular channels.
    A Digital Online Guerilla Marketing activities, such as Social Media Influencer Optimization, Blogger Optimization.